Taylor Dance


The foundation of all other dance styles, ballet training is hugely beneficial for strength, posture and flexibility. Taylor Dance offers a range of ballet classes for boys and girls of all ages and several of our students have successfully applied for places in national ballet school associate programmes.

Preschool Ballet

We take pre-school pupils from approximately 3 years of age, but following assessment to confirm the child is happy and mature enough to participate, younger children can enrol if they are fully potty trained. At this age ballet is taught through imaginative stories and rhymes and we are dedicated to creating fun classes where the “work” is hidden within the enjoyment. Children learn the foundations of co-ordination, technique, musicality and expression, as well as developing their confidence and self-awareness through movement and performance

Parents can remain in the building or drop off their child and return at the end of class. Watching is not permitted, but we invite you in from time to time so the children can show you what they have been learning. Senior ballet students participate as helpers so there are always plenty of pairs of hands to encourage and chaperone our littlest class members.

During grade classes, students increase their ability and knowledge as they work their way through the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabi, learning more complex steps and positions that demand greater strength, flexibility and coordination. Free work is also incorporated into classes and this further develops performance and musicality. Class durations vary according to age and grade.

Ballet for boys

Many boys study ballet with us and we respond to demand either by offering boys-only classes or by teaching both boys and girls together. Whilst much of the work is the same for both, the syllabus for boys does differ in part and mixed classes always take this into account.

Pointe work

We introduce pointe work when students have reached an appropriate level of physical development and ability, and invite committed and able students to a demanding and focussed ballet program to further develop their skill and technique.

Ballet Examinations

Examinations through the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) are available from the Primary grade. Whilst not compulsory, we encourage students to enter for exams to mark their achievement and build their confidence.