If you have the energy - this is the music of the heart, this is the beat of youth … the downside is, your granny may never fully appreciate it. But your girlfriend will.

Street dancing is unlike any other. It was born outside of conservative dance studios. People everywhere just started dancing wherever they could. They didn’t care if it was on the street, a school yard or in a nightclub. Whatever, you name it.

From hip hop to funk to electro and house, street dancing pretty much dominates the dance floors. Let’s be honest: it’s great fun, it keeps you fit, and looks plain cool, wherever you choose to do it. It’s simple, really. You don’t want to know how to street dance. You want to feel it.

Our Junior Boys’ Street Moves classes is suitable for children from Primary 1 and progression to the senior class is based on ability. They work on strength, rhythm, flexibility, and tricks to incorporate into street move routines.