Disclosure Scotland & First Aid

All teachers, class assistants and administrators employed by the school are disclosure checked before commencing work.

Any guest teachers will be disclosure checked where time permits and otherwise will never be left alone with students.

Teachers hold a first aid certificate which is updated accordingly.

Child Protection - Student Adjustment

I would like to make all parents aware that at certain times it may be necessary to physically adjust the movements of a student during class. All genres of dance are very physical in nature and require accuracy of limb placement. This is to ensure correct posture, positioning and to prevent injury.

All younger children will be accompanied to the lavatory as and when necessary. It may mean helping to undress and redress your child in order to avoid accidents. Children should be able to complete their ablution unaccompanied. Always encourage your child to go before class.

Any parent who feels this is inappropriate must inform the School administrator immediately and care will be taken to treat your child as requested.

I wish to safeguard all children in our care and at the same time, protect the integrity of all School Staff.

Lost Property

The school will not take any responsibility for lost property. Any belongings found will be kept in the lost property box in the foyer at the MCA Hall. Valuables will be kept by the teacher.


Grooming is considered to play an important part of Ballet training and helps the child feel correctly prepared for class.

It is compulsory for ballet students (Grade 1 and up) to wear their hair in a bun. For other disciplines we require a neat ponytail. It would be very handy for pupils to carry a hair purse in their dance bag to include:

  • Hair pins (not kirby grips)
  • Spare hair elastics
  • Bun nets (if required)

Please note: Kirby grips are only useful for pinning up loose ends of hair/long fringes. They cannot be used for making a bun.


Parents are required to complete an enrolment form prior to their child’s first day at the school. By doing so you are agreeing to comply with the rules and regulations of the school.

We often have waiting lists, therefore if your child wishes to cancel their place or change a class, please let us know before the start of term so that we can offer a place to someone else.

Download Enrolment Form


Uniform provides a disciplined approach to class and is required after one month. The strict requirements of the RAD and ISTD examination boards mean that the leotard and shoes stated for your child’s class are the ONLY ones which are acceptable.

Before their uniform has been purchased, your child should wear stretchy, comfortable clothing that does not hide or restrict the body, whilst bare feet are suitable for Ballet, Jazz, Modern Theatre and Contemporary classes, and shoes with a hard sole for Tap.

For your convenience, Andrew Begg and Rainbow Dance Wear hold a copy of our uniform requirements in store. If you have any questions or queries regarding the school uniform, please contact our school administrator.

Teacher Consultations

From time to time parents may wish to speak to their child’s teacher. Whilst we are open to and welcome this, please contact the school administrator to request a suitable time. Attempting to catch a few minutes between classes is very disruptive for the students.

Single School Enrolment

Taylor School of Dance requires that students are NOT enrolled at another dance school whilst taking classes with us. We demand a high standard from our teachers and it is only when all classes are taken with us that we can ensure consistent teaching techniques. Furthermore, it is impractical and often infeasible to participate in examinations and dance shows organised by more than one school as we are not in a position to coordinate scheduling. At the school’s discretion exceptions may be made but usually only when a student wishes to study a class we cannot offer.


Refunds will not be given to those who cannot attend class.

Pupils who have pre paid for classes and are absent for any length of time due to injury or illness, are more than welcome to join other classes on their return, equivalent to the amount of classes missed. This will help to regain their confidence, fitness and progress.

Please note: The above policy is only applicable to long term illnesses and injuries and decisions will be made at the discretion of the school principal.


We have a strict no jewellery policy in dance classes.

We are aware that new piercings must be kept in for a period of time therefore during this time we ask that ear piercings is covered up with medical hypoallergenic skin tape, to protect the area during class.

Our jewellery policy is set in place for the health and safety of your child.


Fees are strictly payable in advance by the term and no refunds will be given for a student who decides to stop a class before the end of the term.

Payment in full may be made by cheque or internet banking. Cash payments will NOT be accepted in class but can be pre-arranged with the school administrator who will issue a receipt.

Any fees not paid by the stated due date will incur a 10% late fee.

Watching Class

To prevent disruption in class and to avoid other class members feeling uncomfortable, parents are not permitted to watch class.

From time to time we hold an open week where parents are invited to watch their child’s classes. This is an opportunity for parent’s to watch their child in their regular class.

All pupils are given the opportunity to participate in our school show, which is held at the Aberdeen Arts Centre, approximately every 3 years.

Dance Examinations

ISTD [Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing] – Ballet, Modern Theatre & Tap RAD [Royal Academy of Dance] – Ballet

Examinations can be taken from five years of age. Every student in the school will be given the opportunity to take examinations, although it is not compulsory. However, pupils are encouraged to do so, partly as a measure of progress and also as a reward of all their hard work.

Students are entered at the discretion of the principal, with coaching classes for the examination candidates during the term of the examination.

Winter Weather

If the snow is bad enough during the winter season classes may be cancelled. Alternative classes will be offered whenever possible and where this is the case, no refunds will be given. If we are unable to offer this, refunds will be given on a case by case basis.

We will confirm class cancellations by 12pm (8am Saturday) It is the responsibility of parents to check the website or our school Facebook page for class activity.