Classical ballet endured the test of time elegantly, with a swan-like beauty and grace. Even after five centuries, it continues to amaze us.

Ballet is considered to be the core foundation for dance training. We take pre-school pupils from the age of 3. At this age Ballet is taught through imaginative stories and rhymes and their lessons are all about having fun. The children learn very basic steps, positions of the feet and develop a sense of rhythm and timing.

During grade classes students increase their ability as they work their way through the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabi, learning more complex steps and positions that demand greater strength, flexibility and coordination. A developed sense of performance and musicality is further encouraged to nurture a competent young dancer.

We do highly recommend that students with aptitude, or students who work hard and treat dance as a serious hobby, add an extra Training Track Ballet class to their weekly training.  This takes a dancer’s personal training to a new level. Students can achieve much more, enhancing their Modern & Jazz training as well as Ballet. Technical and movement skill is essential for a comprehensive understanding of dance.  From experience, students who have been training for a number of years in two Ballet classes per week show a more significant progress compared to those who have attended once a week.  

Invitations to participate in Training Track classes are at teacher discretion and attendance is not compulsory. We are happy for students to attend classes recreationally, and to progress by just attending their regular graded class.